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Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you facing deportation?

Finding yourself accused of a criminal charge is a very serious matter. If you or someone you know has been charged with an assault, theft or any other criminal charge, it is important you realize that you will need to have an excellent defense if you are to maintain your freedom and continue your current lifestyle. At the Law Offices of Carlos Barrios, we specialize in criminal defense and can provide you with highly professional representation.

It is not uncommon to experience anxiety and fear when you are faced with criminal charges. If you are convicted, your entire life could be completely upended. Fines and court fees can total thousands of dollars, excessive community service hours could cause you to lose work or even your job – not to mention the possibility of being sentenced to jail or prison.

Furthermore, having a criminal record will make it substantially more difficult for you to find gainful employment or obtain a loan. Our firm promises to fight tirelessly for your rights; our goal is to keep you out of jail and to keep your record clean. Most people have never gone through this process and are completely unaware of what steps need to be taken to handle it. Rest assured, we have been through the legal process hundreds of times and can be of great assistance to you. When you engage us as your legal representatives, we will:

  • Take you step by step through the process;
  • Educate and prepare you so you can help us with your case;
  • Determine the legal resources needed to pursue the best path;
  • Assign a legal TEAM, tailored to your case;
  • Apply TEAM resources to make sure you have the best representation; and
  • Follow through, and live up to our commitment: “Top Legal Service”

Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles, California

With our years of experience, we can be strong advocates on your behalf. Countless individuals throughout the Los Angeles area have depended on our services to protect their freedom and their future. Should you choose to work with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you will be able to rest easier knowing that you will have a hard-hitting advocate on your side that is deeply committed to helping you with every area of criminal law possible.

We have extensive experience and are prepared to help with everything from immigration holds to probation violations. Should you choose to work with our legal team, you will be able to be confident knowing that you are backed by years of experience. We are able to take on virtually every type of criminal case. Some of the areas of practice that we are well-versed in, include criminal threats, drug crimes, driving under the influence, domestic violence and kidnapping.

We are also able to help defend against charges of sex crimes, can help you if your child is facing a criminal charge pertaining to a juvenile crime and can even defend against complex cases involving murder and attempted murder. So don’t wait! When you have this much on the line, you need to be confident knowing that you have a lawyer on your side that is fully prepared to help you in every way possible. No matter whether you have questions about expungements, motion to vacate conviction or restraining orders, we encourage you to contact our firm today.

Consult with an experienced criminal lawyer today!

Many people do not know that the evidence gathered against them during the investigation conducted by law enforcement can be challenged. There are very strict procedures in the collection of evidence. If the protocol in obtaining this evidence has been violated in any way, this gives your attorney the opportunity to attempt to have the evidence declared inadmissible. This could result in a possible reduction of your charges, or even a dismissal.

When your future and your freedom are in danger, it is of vital importance that you retain an aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney who has helped many others in your same situation. Regardless of whether you are facing felony charges or misdemeanor charges, skilled representation is available at our firm. We treat each and every client with respect and will keep you informed of your rights, options, and prospects during each step of the legal proceedings.

Our dedicated attorneys are well-versed in the law and will be able to present a strong defense on your behalf. At the Law Offices of Carlos Barrios, our goal is to achieve only the best possible results for all our clients. We are fully committed to providing top quality defense in order to defend your rights. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Don’t delay! Every case is time sensitive due to court motion requirements.

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Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm today for aggressive representation.At our firm, we are proud to serve residents throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Ventura.


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